29-Jan-2020 - Re-took on the role of web/fixture secretary!!


- - - - - - HIATUS PERIOD - - - - -


8-Aug-2017 - Need to implement some way of 'removing' a dropped out team from a division.


25-May-2017 - Looking into using a table (tblSeasonTeams) of teams for a particular season - (aids with history etc.)

  - added new season fixtures and teams.


23-May-2017 - Created a table to handle annually occuring events (tblEvent)


9-May-2017 - End of 2016 Winter Season - Make use of this time to try autoamate some of the NEW SEASON work that I currently do manually!


23-Jun-2015 - Modified the Edit Player section.


22-Jun-2014 - Started creating this section of the web site.

30-Jun-2014 - The most recent part of the Admin is the Players List - where you can "drill down" to a specific player and alter their details.