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Calderdale Pool League Rules 2020

Last Updated: 7th Sep 2020

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  1. The organisation shall be known as the Calderdale Pool League (CPL).
  2. These League Rules can only be altered at an AGM or an EGM.
  3. Venues within the Calderdale District will be eligible to register a team(s) with the League at the discretion of the Committee.
  4. All matches must be played at venues within the CPL. 
  5. The playing format will be twelve (12) games of twelve (12) singles. 1
  6. Fees for League registration and the various Knockout competitions will be set by the Committee at the AGM.
  7. The League will hold an AGM two (2) weeks after the end of each season.  The Registration Night date will be two (2) weeks hence where teams are expected to register and pay the required fee in full on this date. 
  8. The league will try not to arrange matches on Bank holidays.
  9. A team will not be allowed to register with the league if monies owing are outstanding.  All debts must be cleared prior to the start of a new season.
  10. New teams will be entered into the league's lowest division.  Any exceptions are at the discretion of the Committee.
  11. Teams may play any number of players.  If more than one team is registered by a single venue then the league will recognise each team separately and players are not allowed to interchange between them.
  12. Once a player has played a frame for a team they are deemed to be “registered” to that team.
  13. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any person from becoming a playing or non-playing member of the CPL if it is believed that the person may bring the league into disrepute, has been banned from another league or sacked from a position of responsibility for misconduct.  The person being refused has the right to appeal to the League in writing within thirty-one (31) days from the date of the refusal.  On receipt of an appeal the Chairman must call an EGM.
  14. At the end of each season, the top two (2) placed teams in each division will be promoted to the division above them.  Teams that finish in the lowest two (2) places within a division will be relegated to the division below.  Teams, that qualify, will not be allowed to refuse promotion.
    In the event of a tie:
    • The team with the most match wins will finish higher.
    • If the teams are still level then the team with the least number of losses will prevail.
    • If they are stilll tied the team with the greater number of points gained will finish higher.
    • In the event that the teams are still even then a playoff will be arranged to determine the overall winner.
  15. Should a team disband or be expelled from the league then depending on the circumstances and subject to the Committee's approval a player may be able to transfer to another team within the CPL.
  16. All matches are to be played according to the League’s Fixtures schedule.  The official start time of matches is 8.15 pm.  Teams arriving more than 10 minutes after the official start time will lose one frame every ten minutes. (ie. the first loss of a frame would be at 8.25pm)  If a player for a team is available to play then the match must start and not be delayed to wait for the Captain to arrive.
    1. Each team may re-arrange two league fixtures per season.  Under special circumstances the Committee can give permission to a team to re-arrange more than two fixtures.
    2. If a team has to re-arrange a fixture the new date must be decided within four (4) weeks of the original fixture date. If a mutual date cannot be reached by the teams involved a mandatory date will be issued by the Committee. If the match is not played on the date given then the match will be deemed as null and void and no points will be awarded to either team.
    3. Re-arranged fixtures must be played at the venue the match was originally scheduled to be played at.  The Fixture Secretary, the Chairman AND the Landlord of the venue must be aware of any change as early as possible on the date of the original fixture 3.
    4. Matches within the last scheduled four league games in a season's fixtures may only be re-arranged with the permission of the Committee. No matches can be re-scheduled after the last league match of the season's fixtures.
  17. Any team with less than six (6) players at a fixture will award the outstanding points to their opponent.  Any point awarded by way of an un-played frame will not be included in a player’s individual averages.
  18. No player can play more than two (2) frames per fixture but is allowed to play two (2) consecutive frames.
  19. The home team will be responsible for paying for all frames within a match.  Referees will be selected on the night with the home team refereeing the odd numbered frames.  The break for the first frame will go to the home team and then will alternate for the remaining frames.
    1. If a team is unable to raise sufficient players for a team (minimum of 4 players), they must inform the opposing team no less than 24 hours before the fixture. Failure to do so will result in the non-offending team being awarded an 8 - 0 win.
    2. If the above rule is broken and the offending team is the 'away' team, they will also incur a 10 (ten pounds) penalty to be awarded to the home team to cover the cost of supper.
    3. Teams failing to turn up to two (2) matches without prior notice will be deemed to have withdrawn from the league.
    4. If 50% the season's fixtures have been completed the points gained and lost will remain intact to the half-way point fixtures.  (Re-arranged matches will be counted as played with the remaining team being awarded seven (7) points).  If less than 50% of the season's fixtures have been completed all points gained or lost will be removed.
    5. The venue of the expelled team will be expected to pay a deposit of £30.00 on top of the registration fee is they wish to register another team.  The deposit will returned after twelve (12) months if the venue still has a registered team within the league.
    6. Failure of a team to fulfil their fixtures or any complaints made to the league about the conduct of player(s)/teams during a fixture may result in their expulsion from the league.
    7. In the event a team disbands and reforms the new team must contain a minimum of four (4) players of the original team to retain their divisional status.  The players must play at least one frame each within the first three (3) weeks from the commencement of the season.
  20. The official World Rules as set out by the English Pool Association (EPA) will be played at all times in all Divisions (with the exception of the stopwatch).
  21. In cases of a dispute during a game the Referee’s decision is final 2.  All other types of dispute or complaint should be put in writing to the League and the Committee will deal with it accordingly.
  22. The winning team of a league match must post or email a copy of the signed scorecard to the Fixtures Secretary 3before the end of that week. (scorecards should not be sent as a picture attached to a text) If an email is sent, the actual scorecard still needs to be sent/delivered to the Fixtures Secretary at some point within the season (ie. teams can build up a number of scorecards and pass them on in bulk.

    The actual scorecards are the responsibility of the winning (or drawing home) team and can posted or hand delivered to the contact details provided.  The scorecard is required by the league for audit purposes, therefore all scorecards should be submitted no later than the AGM at the end of the season.  A one point deduction per scorecard will be levied for each missing scorecard. 
  23. Winners of knockout matches must send a text to the Knockout Secretary 4 no later than 7pm on the Tuesday following the fixture. 
  24. Referees will warn a player, who in their opinion is taking too long between shots and the player will be asked to make progress (1-2 minutes would be deemed as slow play).  If the player does not approach the table immediately and play a shot the Referee shall award a foul.
  25. No person under the age of 13 (thirteen) is allowed to register or play within the CPL.
  26. A player(s) under the age 18 must notify the Landlord and the Captain of the home team before the commencement of the match.  They must be accompanied by a nominated guardian who should make their presence known to the Landlord of the venue and the Captain of the opposing team.  In the event that the nominated guardian should leave the venue then another responsible adult must take charge of the player(s) or they must leave the venue.  Failure to follow this rule will result in the player(s) being ineligible and any points won will be deducted.
  27. The Committee will meet on the first Monday of every month at the Bankfield Social Club, Elland.  The Committee will have the power to act upon and apply the rules of the league and will have jurisdiction over all matters affecting the league.  Any member is welcome to attend and air their views on matters relating to the league. 
  28. If a frame is stopped through any mechanical failure of the table and cannot be continued without disturbing the balls the frame must be restarted.
  29. If a visiting player is barred from a venue it is at the Landlord's discretion if they are allowed to play.
  30. Any team playing an ineligible player will be dealt with by the Committee.
  31. All match tables must be kept up to a decent playing standard, any complaints received by the league will lead to the table being inspected and if found not to be suitable the team responsible will have to play their games at a neutral venue until the problem is resolved.
  32. The stopwatch must be available so that any Captain can request it to be used for the whole match.
  33. If two or more players are tied for the Player of the Season, based on the 'win' column only, a play off between the players will be arranged. The winning player receives a £35 cash prize.
  34. At the end of the season trophies will be chosen by the Committee.
  35. The Committee shall have full authority to make any decision that in their opinion is deemed necessary or beneficial to its members or the league.  Any Committee decision, on all matters, is final and binding.

Knockout Competitions

  1. Any knockout fixture that is to be re-arranged must be played at the venue it is was originally drawn and can only be re-arranged to date prior to the published fixture date.  The Landlord of that venue and the Fixture’s secretary must be made aware of any change as early as possible.  The Fixture’s secretary will issue a new date failure to complete a knockout fixture by the new date will result in all players/teams being removed from the competition(s).
  2. Any knockout fixture where a player(s)/team fail to attend without prior notice will result in the non-offending player(s)/team progressing to the next round of the competition.
  3. Players who wish to play the Singles, Doubles, Team, or Dilligaf Knockout competitions must play for a registered team and have participated in at least one of the first three fixtures of the season.
  4. A designated referee will be nominated to referee and to give the first and final warning for coaching for all Knockout competition finals.  A separate designated referee will be responsible for time-keeping.
  5. Singles/Doubles Knockout matches in the rounds prior to the semi-finals will be the best of five frames; semi-finals will be the best of seven frames; finals will be the best of nine frames.
  6. Prize money and trophies for the Singles & Doubles Knockouts will be funded solely from the entry fees of the competitions.  28/09/15 (AGM): An additional £75.00 to be provided from league funds to each prize pool for the Singles & Doubles competition.
  7. Any doubles pairing in the Double's Knockout playing an ineligible player will be expelled from the competition.
  8. The Team Knockout semi-finals will be played as it is drawn.  The Team Knockout final as the first to 7 (seven) points at a Neutral venue (to be determined by the Knockout Secretary.  If at the end of the match the score is tied (6-6) then a decider of one frame will be played where each team can choose their own 'last player' to play the 'sudden death' last match.
  9. Any team in the Plate knockout who fail to play in a match will automaticall incur a £30 penalty. [This rule was introduced at the 2016 AGM.]
All knockout match results are to be texted to the Knockout Secretary by 8pm the following day otherwise the offending player(s)/team will be scratched.


1. The playing format for the 1st season of the CPL (completed) was 11 frames; the 2nd season was over 12 frames.   At the AGM held after the completion of the 2nd season a proposal was submitted to the members who voted for the 12 frame match format.

2. Rule clarification on match nights can be obtained from: Warren Wheatcroft

3. The Fixtures Secretary is currently Andy Brierley - 07944 809043. (

4. The Knockout Secretary is currently Rachel Worthington. (