Players 'registered' with Teams

Theie is a list of all the teams with the players that were "registered" with those teams before the beginning of the season. These records are historical and probably are out-of-date or incorrect. If you spot anything wrong, please email me:

I will try to get the list updated as the season progresses.

Click on a team to show the players 'associated' with it:

Division 1

A. Bankfield Social Club (C)

B. Volunteer Arms (A)

C. Stump Cross Inn (A)

D. Ring 'O' Bells (A)

E. Queen (B)

F. Bankfield Social Club (B)

H. Salvation Bar (B)

I. Ring 'O' Bells (B)

J. Birchencliffe CC

Division 2

A. 1904 at Dean Clough

B. Siddal Cricket Club

C. Rose and Crown

D. Wainhouse Tavern (A)

E. Greetland Social Club (B)

F. Bankfield Social Club (D)

G. Volunteer Arms (B)

H. Stump Cross Inn (B)

I. Cavalry Arms

Division 3

A. Bankfield Social Club (A)

B. Savile Arms (B)

C. Salvation Bar (A)

D. Wainhouse Tavern (B)

F. Fleece Inn

G. Savile Arms (A)

H. Greyhound Inn

I. Marsh Liberal Club